A Maternity Session In Old Wethersfield │ CT Maternity Photographer

Mom to be and her little girl enjoy a walk around Old Wethersfield, CT during a maternity session
Maternity Session with mom and little girl
CT Maternity session at Wethersfield Cove
Cooling her feet at Wethersfield Cove in CT

This maternity session is of my beautiful friend Deanna…. a wonderful mother; caring neighbor; gifted and compassionate teacher….a woman who wears many hats….thank you for being such an inspiration to me.   You and yours have blessed our lives in more ways than you will ever know….xo



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Headshots for A Beautiful Jazz Singer │ Wethersfield, CT Headshot Photographer

Jazz Musician Headshots in Wethersfield CT

Headshots for CT Jazz singer, Ashely McGowan in Old Wethersfield, CT

Headshot photographer in CT captures Becca Ashley McGowan, Jazz Singer


I know I’ve said many times how much I love taking headshots and I still do.  I work with the most interesting people, who teach me a lot about themselves, their industries and also about human vulnerability.

Most often, when meeting a new client there is a nervousness and caution about them.  They are hesitant to open up, to breathe and be themselves.  Usually, it takes a good twenty minutes or so before I start to see their shoulders relax and their faces soften.  When they finally do, that’s when the session really starts.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Jazz singer, Becca Ashley.  Immediately, she warmed up to the camera.  She seemed to be ready to shoot from moment one, and I commented on her ability to relax from the start.  For a self admitted shy girl, this was a surprise, but it does happen now and again.

Then sure enough, twenty minutes in, she softened even more.  The best images always come half way through right through the end.  It’s like clockwork.

I love my job.

Thanks, Becca.  I enjoyed working with you and wish you the best success!



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Meet Luke & Lucy │ CT Child Actor Headshots

Luke & Lucy CT Headshots for Child Actors

Meet Luke & Lucy.  Seriously.  Could their names be any cuter?

We just loved working with these two; they were so full of personality.  Sarah and I laughed and talked about them all the way home.  Why?  Well, Lucy reminded me so much of Bella at certain times; the similarities were just too many not to notice.  Especially when I pulled out my best silly joke on her and she just looked at me, expressionless, just like Bella would.  This of course, just made me laugh even harder.  “I’m not funny am I?”  I said.  She just looked at me unenthusiastically and shook her head no.  More laughter.  Poor Sarah just stands by shaking her head at me like I’m crazy,  knowing full well, once I get going there’s no stopping that freight train from leaving the station.

But I digress.

Both Luke and Lucy came for their first set of headshots.  Equally talented, they have both had parts in my FAVORITE show.  Well, since you’re now curious, that would be Law & Order SVU.  So far, I have only had the pleasure of watching Luke’s episode, Manhattan Vigil, but I’m excited to see the episode that Lucy’s in next.  And I’m sure this won’t be the last time you see these kids, since word is, Luke just got a part in his first feature film.  Go Luke!

We wish them both the best success and can’t wait to work with them again!

Thanks Luke & Lucy!

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Storm Charlotte – Digging Out ­│CT Children’s Photographer

Sitting in the snow after Storm Charlotte

Snow Cleanup 2013

CT Photographer captures the storm cleanup, after the blizzard dumps record snowfall in Manchester, CT

Hanging out after Storm Charlotte


32 whopping inches.  Yet this was no surprise after the last doosie of a snow storm that hit a couple years back.  I remember having to shovel a good part of the back yard, just so it wouldn’t melt and flood the house.

Funny, seems I was definitely a lot stronger then.

I guess I need to stay in shape for these events.  They sure seem to be more regular these days.  Though, since we have power, you won’t hear me complaining.  I’ll just sit here quietly, counting my blessings.

The best part is, B loved the snow.   The more, the better.  Though, the novelty wears off pretty quickly; it sure helps to pass the cold, dreary, winter days.

Kudos to my husband for digging us out of this mess.  You rock, Babe.  Seriously.  And no thanks are needed for posting this picture of you looking like a mental patient, with your large cup of “cuckoo”.  I promise next time you can post all the pictures you like of me looking like an idiot with food hanging out of my mouth.

Stay warm and happy shoveling.


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The Stunning Erin Cooper – Stamford, CT Headshots for Actors

New headshots for actress Erin Cooper from

CT headshot photographer, Hallie Westcott works with actress Erin Cooper

Every single time I photograph headshots, I think they are my favorites.  And this time was no different.  And I swear, I couldn’t love this set of images any more.  Don’t Erin’s beautiful images just make you want to have your own headshots taken!?  Well?   What are you waiting for!?  Call me.  I’m ready for ya.

For all you photographers, Erin’s last project was ‘How to Photoshop Everyone’ by Kevin Kubota.  If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you view the trailer.  Good stuff!  You’ll get a laugh and learn something all at once.

As for Erin’s images…. I spend a good amount of time coaching people on what to wear and what NOT to wear.  Solid colors look best.  Complimentary colors are your friend.  Layers are fabulous and bright colors look great!  The camera doesn’t  like small repeated patterns, but it loves textures…..yada yada ya, but rarely does anyone take my advice right down to their lipstick.  So, props to you, Erin.  You look great.  The tonality and color of these images looks fabulous because you knew what you were doing.

And, Erin….I wish you the best success!  I’ll be waiting to see your television debut soon;)



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