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As a South Windsor, CT senior photographer, I run into a lot a students from surrounding areas that get forced into using photographers they don’t like, and into buying expensive packages they don’t need.  These photographers are chosen by their high schools and are really limiting, especially for parents that are on a budget.  And even more for students that have vision and know what they want their senior sessions to be.

Believe me.  I get it.  I’m a parent and I’m on a budget too.  I also have vision and I know what I would want if I was a senior.  And that would be options.  Options to buy what I want and style my own session the way I want.

And that’s what I do here.  You don’t have to buy an expensive package.  You can buy just the session, which includes a high resolution senior photo for the yearbook and nothing more.  Or you can select a collection to remember this really important milestone.  One print or twenty; it’s up to you.  Everything from styling your session and look, to choosing your location and theme; the choice is yours.

Give me a call to reserve your date.  We’re now booking senior sessions for the 2015-2016 school year.


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I know, I know, you have put off your family photography session once again, but you have sworn to yourself that after this long tedious winter here in CT, you will finally take the time to schedule your portraits.  Christmas and the new year are long past and soon, there will be green grass.

I know; hard to believe, but I promise, it won’t be long now.  And there is no better time to have your family pictures taken than when the cherry blossoms bloom and new green grass makes its appearance.  There’s just something so magical about spring.



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photographing flowers in my backyard

I photographed this beautiful bloom with my favorite 135 mm lens, smack dab in the middle of my garden overrun with weeds.  It was a small reminder to be grateful for the small things, the minutia, even in the midst of chaos.

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CT Child photographer captures the biggest blue eyes! Photographing family moments for a CT family Child plays at her home with CT child Photographer Capturing natural moments with CT family Little one sis apprehensive during photo session

I have this love hate relationship with blogging.  Not because I hate blogging itself – I actually love it, but because it takes so long to prepare images to blog, it can be overwhelming.  That coupled with the demands of business, family…blah, blah, blah, I have found myself getting more and more into a blogging rut.  Or, shall I say a crater – pit – gorge.

You get the gist.

So, while I take a little time off, (which in my world means – cleaning up the administrative end of  things, whilst pretending I’m not actually working) I have gone into my files and found a ton of sessions not yet blogged.  I won’t say how many.  Nooooo.

Hangs head in shame.

I will say….look at these beautiful eyes!  Isn’t she a cutie pie!?

Okay, back to work…ehem…time off.


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  • Nics CahillNo GravatarAugust 15, 2014 - 5:19 AM

    stunning, I love all these images, but I especially like the last one – wonderful use of light.

    She is a beautiful little girlReplyCancel

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