Why should I choose you to do my portraits?

Fun. Fresh. Fabulous. You will not be disappointed! I work very hard to make your images unique and this will be a day your will never forget. A day dedicated to you and making you look your best. Period.

I only schedule four sessions per week, so you get my full attention. There are also no time constraints on sessions; we finish when we finish. Session times on our packages are only approximate times. I don’t hurry….art can’t be rushed. This day is all about you and providing you images of your loved ones that you will cherish for a lifetime.

I live in Timbucktu will you come to me?

Absolutely! I love to travel and would be happy to visit someplace new. If you would like to discuss this option, please contact me and we can discuss all the details.

How much does it cost to hire you?

I charge a session fee to shoot your session. Session fees vary depending on the type of session you choose. After that, there is a $100.00 minimum print order. If you would like information about my rates and details about scheduling a session, just fill out this contact form and I will send you a link to my client site that will answer all of your questions.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, there is a minimum order of $100.00.

Do you have specials?

Absolutely! You can find any specials I have located on my Special Promotions page.

How do I pay?

Session fees are paid upfront; 50% when your session is scheduled and 50% on the day of your session. The images will then be placed into your own online gallery where you can choose the prints and products you would like to order. You can pay for your print order online at that time or send a check, once you have made your selections. However, your print order will not be sent to the printer until payment has been made in full.

I want images for Facebook page; can I use your images on my site?

You can purchase web sized images for Facebook or blogs, in fact, many of my packages have web ready images already included in the package price.

Can I buy the copyright to the photos?

I do not sell copyrights to photos under any circumstances. Although,high resolution images of your session are available, (with an enclosed print release and printing guide,) by purchasing a single high resolution file or high resolution session CD. However, copyright is still owned by the photographer. A print release allows the customer to print at the location of their choosing, as well as print unlimited copies of their photograph. It does not give you the right to alter or distort the images in any way, but printing is A-OK.

When should I schedule my senior session?

Your senior session should be scheduled the summer before the year you will graduate. Seniors graduating in 2011 should schedule their sessions in the spring and summer of 2010.

I am breaking out, should I be worried?

Not at all! Blemishes are automatically touched up in your photos, so no worries.

What should I wear?

Once you have filled out the contact form to inquire about scheduling a session, I will send you a link to my client site, where there is a what to wear guide to give you some ideas. Still having trouble? Call me and we’ll discuss what looks best.

I am interested in a senior session; is my yearbook photo included?

Yes, one yearbook photo is included in your senior session package.

At what times do you schedule sessions?

There is something called the “golden hour” when the sun washes everything in a warm glow. This happens about one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset. This is the perfect time to schedule your photos; however, if this is not possible, late the in the afternoon, or early morning is best.

I don’t feel comfortable having photos taken in my home, is there a place we can go?

Absolutely! During the warmer months, I suggest outside. I have tons of great locations to make your images outstanding. In the colder months, portraits are taken in my studio, or in another location that you will love!

When will my images be ready?

After your session is completed, your online gallery will be ready for viewing in approximately two weeks. Your online gallery will be open for you make your selections for seven days. After you have chosen the images you would like printed, they will be prepared and sent to the printer and will be delivered to you in approximately two to three weeks.