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I am a CT FAMILY Lifestyle + personal brand photographer. I tell your stories with beautiful pictures, for both your business + your family, to make you unforgettable.

hey there!

I'm Hallie and I'm so glad you're here!


You have a marvelous and intricate story that's waiting to be told.


If you're a business person, an entrepreneur or creative that's looking for a brand photographer to create a library of lifestyle images to market your brand, I'm your girl. Your stories are powerful tools that show authenticity and build credibility, drawing and connecting you with your target audience.


If you're here to have your family memories documented, I applaud you! Life is way too precious to regret not documenting the love and experiences that shape us.


Stories connect us to each other. They help us share our similarities and uniqueness; inspire us; teach us empathy, and display the beauty we possess.


Most of all, our stories make us unforgettable.


ocean brand shoot at Harkness Park

Are you a brand conscious business or entrepreneur?



You're the best at what you do, but do your website's images agree?


In the 6 seconds you have to make a lasting impression, words only say so much. Where words fall short, Personal Brand Photography completes your story, and a great Brand Photographer can get you there.


Your images are the first thing they'll notice! Building a library of crafted lifestyle photography to market your small business, illustrate your personality, your process & your workspace is vital in today's digital marketplace.


When you choose to display images that capture your brand's essence, it helps to form relationships, giving your future client's a sense they already know you. Then they can like & trust you, and can see all the value you bring.


Brand photography creates emotional connections like nothing else, and connections are what turn prospects into purchasers!

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Your brand is uniquely you and there is no one like you.

Stop sifting through stock photography and let's enrich your

personal brand and make it SHINE with captivating, emotive

imagery that shows them exactly who are and the

value you bring.


What SOME OF my clients have to say!

You are awesome. Thank you so much. I have been nothing but impressed with the professional work I’ve encountered with you. (As well as a greatly open, fun, talented photographer). - Miles D.

I am floored, Hallie. They're absolutely amazing. I showed them to my mom and she almost cried. It’s so hard for me to pick my favorites! ~Sarah W.

Hallie is a phenomenal photographer. She is warm and helped me feel at ease with the photo shoot. It helped a great deal that she gave me a check list of what to bring for the session so I was not scrambling looking for something to wear on that day. She is a professional and kind. Thank you Hallie! - Megan W.

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Your headshot is a vital piece of your marketing no matter who you are or what you do. It's the first thing people see. It's your digital greeting, and I promise, it's the maker or breaker of the professional relationship you are trying to build. Having a fabulous headshot is necessary to your success. Book your headshot session and make their first impression of you the best!



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Personal Branding

Personal Brand Photography Sessions for businesses + creatives + influencers + entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants to personalize their brand with amazing, curated, colorful, lifestyle photography images that perfectly reflect and illustrate their brand & the personality behind it. Website business branding with Lifestyle Photography is an advertising necessity as your need for content continues to grow.


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Lifestyle sessions are the most natural and authentic way to document you and your family with honest, candid moments. What this means for you, stiff posing is not available, but gentle guidance abounds.…activity based or just hanging out doing what you do…...together.



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Check out my FAQ Section for Commonly Asked Questions + Answers

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You've worked hard. Don't let a bad headshot be the thing that stands in your way.



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MON-FRI 10-5

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