Princess Mercy at Johnathan’s Dream │ Manchester, CT Photographer

Yes, finally I am posting and it’s about time.  There has been so much rain in the northeast, it has dampened any chance of outdoor shooting – pun definitely intended.  We have had rain almost every day for I think more than a month.  If this doesn’t end soon, we are taking a vacation to a sunnier location.  Seriously.

Anyhow, during all this rain we have had a couple of good days, one of which, my children and I joined some friends at a beautiful boundless playground, Johnathan’s Dream in West Hartford, CT. 

Below is beautiful Princess Mercy.  Princess Mercy is the adopted daughter of my good friend Kimmie, who has a heart for adoption and a deep desire to fulfill God’s command to care for orphans.   You can read more about Kimmie’s adoption journey at her blog OvertheMoonwithJoy.

I snapped a couple of shots of Mercy and her BIG beautiful brown eyes.  Mostly she looks at me like I am an alien, but today she decided she would give me a few smiles as she tried to swipe my water bottle!




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  • Marsha - July 27, 2009 - 11:48 PM

    She is absolutely beautiful. That smile made me laugh out loud. I can’t decide if she smiles more with her mouth or with her eyes. 🙂ReplyCancel

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