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Christmas with Tim Hawkins │ CT Photographer

I love Christmas.  I love all that it represents, I love the smells, the colorful decorations, the Christmas music, the anticipation and joy on my children’s faces and mostly, knowing that a new year is about to begin and in a just a few months, we will be rid of all traces of snow (pretty, but I could live without it for a year or two.)   What I don’t love is the traffic, the overspending, the obligations, and the exhaustion that inevitably sucks the life right out of me.  So this year I decided I was through with all the hoopla associated with Christmas.  I planned on getting my shopping done early, going totally low key and then I had a revelation of sorts.  I made the announcement that on Christmas day, we were starting a new tradition.  We would visit with our family on Christmas Eve, but on Christmas day, we would be staying home in our pajamas, eating baked macaroni & cheese and watching Christmas movies.  And let me tell you, it was the best decision I ever made.

Christmas Eve day, we baked and cooked from morning until evening.  Family came, we ate, we laughed, opened presents and out the door they went.  Do I sound happy?  Well I was.  They don’t take offense to it.  They are low key and not overly sentimental, just like me.  They know that for the last 15+ years, the responsibility of getting everyone together and making it a merry Christmas has fallen on my shoulders, and I am just tired of doing all the work.

Christmas morning came and we were so tired from the previous day, that we even skipped church, but I can tell you, it was the most glorious Christmas ever!  We were in our pj’s all day, watching Tim Hawkin’s DVD’s, laughing until we cried ( and thank you Tim.  You are a gift that just keeps on giving.)   We ate nothing but junk and the most work I did all day was lift my hand to my mouth.  You can call that a gift to myself.

Hope you all had a wonderful *your* kind of Christmas!



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