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I’ve been on somewhat of a cleaning frenzy lately.  Everything from the closets to my hard drive and I can tell you, there is no end in sight, which for me, is the bad news.  The good news is… I have taken some time to edit some of my favorite photos.  You know the ones.  You promise yourself you’ll get to them eventually and they just sit there taking up precious space.  Your good intentions fly right out the window because there is always something more important to be done.

My life story. Always.

But I decided to live a little today and cast my responsibilities to the wind.

Editing makes my heart sing and while I’m lost in Photoshop world, I haven’t a care.  But just like good movies, it eventually comes to an end.

Though I’m quite thankful I can view the results of my labor.


My poor photo-less child.  She is always holding the reflector, (my faithful assistant, even on this day.)   Finally, it was her turn in front of my lens.

sarah_founders_bridge_7851 bella_founders_bridge_7596

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