Mommy and Me Date in Warren, RI │ Connecticut Children’s Photographer

Bella and I went on a “mommy and me” date to Barrington, RI and on the way we stopped at our new favorite coffee shop, The Coffee Depot in Warren, RI.

If you notice the long face in the first photo, it was due to the lack of desire she had to eat her chocolate mini bunt cake, while wanting to sink her teeth into my lemon bar.  Which I might add, followed my three minute conversation at the counter on why should she order the lemon bar and not the chocolate bunt in the first place.


So I shared, because I’m a sucker for a long face and a pretty little girl in a itchy, blue, wool dress.

In other news, something else has been on my mind lately and I want to share a link to a post by Laurie Baker, written for  I get asked questions all the time about selling digital files and I thought I would share this, to help people understand why many photographers do not sell, or charge high prices for their digital files.

OK, off to find a pretty white dress and pretty umbrella for a beach shoot at Watch Hill…..Can’t wait!

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