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Baby Delaney and Deanna │ CT Newborn Photographer

Deanna and I met purely by accident through my (best…yes I know you’re reading this Jodie) neighbor and it just so happened she was looking for a CT newborn photographer to take pictures new baby girl.  So we put our heads together to figure out what we could do for a session….we had several things working against us, the first was,  Delaney was not a newborn any longer, but was reaching six weeks old.  The second, I am right in the middle of constructing a natural light studio, so our locations were very limited.

Deanna had absolutely no natural light in her home and neither do I, so we decided we would give it a shot outdoors.  If you live in New England, you know what a risky choice that is these days.  We rescheduled only three times..ehem….But we did it!  It took us a little longer than expected and the circumstances were WAY less than ideal, but since Deanna is THE MOST PATIENT WOMAN ON THE EARTH and I thrive on problem solving,  it was all good.

Thank you Deanna and Delaney!  You are the best.

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