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So What Exactly Is A “Stink Eye?” │ CT Children’s Photographer

I know, it’s been a while, so I guilted myself into posting something today, as I fondly remembered the days when I was a regular blogger.  Things have just gotten so busy and seemingly out of control, but it’s slowly coming around, one task at a time.

For those of you that don’t know, I have been working tirelessly, between juggling work and building an in-home studio.  It was just the right solution for me.  I am first and foremost a natural light photographer;  that’s where my heart is, but I want to be able to pull out my lights, when I need to, or get out of the rain.  Connecticut weather has been so dreadfully unpredictable.  So the journey to ‘pull-my-entire-house-apart-and-nearly-loose-my-mind-in-the-process’ began and thankfully, it should be nearing an end shortly.

I’m sure you can imagine how hard it is to work when your computer is not accessible; there are contractors in and out, and your living space is filled to the top with everything from the room you are remodeling.  For me, any kind of clutter results in a disorganized mind and inner chaos and also resulted in me turning down work, which is definitely not on my list of things to do.

On a lighter note, my oldest, lovely child she is, came over to entertain me.  She is one witty girl and keeps me laughing constantly.  Beyond the humor that comes so easily for her, she has the most beautiful, loving  heart.  She was the child always rooting for the underdog.  When she was growing up, she would bring home any stray she could find, be it animal or human.  She loved lots as a child.   She could see the hurt and sadness in people and always showed generous amounts of compassion.  I love this about her, but I digress.

Because I’m really here to show you a “stink eye.”

Whenever Elijah, my grandson, would get reprimanded, or told to do something he wasn’t really fond of, he would give this funny look by scrunching up one side of his face and his eye.  Kylie aptly named it “The Stink Eye.”

The last time Elijah was here, I asked him for a kiss and he refused.  I said, “You better get your buns over here and give grandma a kiss, or I’m gonna give you a tickle.”   He replied, “Oh yeah, well I’m going to give you a Stink Eye!”

So there you have it and of course there is his demonstration below.  Aren’t you glad I cleared that up for you!?

OK, I’m off to shut the windows; it’s cold in here.   Much to my dismay, I feel fall coming and I am not one bit happy about it.

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