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Waiting for The Train – CT Children’s Photographer

I’ve been waiting for the unveiling of sorts of this shoot.   I have been working on this for about four months in my spare time.  Did I just say spare time?  Ha.  Yeah, well anyway.

Finally last weekend,  we were ready.  The props packed,  the schedules coordinated and the sun; the beautiful sun was shining bright!  Even Bella was ready.  She was so excited at the thought of playing dress up.  She went right into role the minute we arrived and was the PERFECT little model.  I’ve got to hand it to her, she pulled it off and all for a Starbucks Lemon Loaf and some vintage 1940’s,  red, peep toe shoes.  let me tell you child labor is great!

Actually, she was fabulous until the last 20 minutes, but who could blame her?  High heels are rough!

After about 10 minutes of  “Are we done now?” and “OK, we’re through right?”  She finally had enough.  She looked directly in the lens as I was shooting, reached up slowly, grabbed hold of her right earring and yanked it  off, with a look that said, “Oh yeah, well we’re done now.”   And then there was the realization she had packed her vintage purse full of Legos.  I tell ya, she’s a laugh a minute.

We really had a blast.  But I wouldn’t have been able to pull any of it off without all the help I received.  I want to thank Emily Hewett, a super talented, future hairdressing school graduate, who was willing to donate her time to makeup and hair. She did a fabulous job!  Those victory rolls stayed put until bedtime!   And Megan Goodell from the fabulous Megpies, helped with props and photographing the behind the scenes shots below.  And last but not least, my daughter Sarah and the best lighting assistant I could have.  I c0uldn’t have done all of this without you girls!  Thank you so much!  You helped my vision come to life.

If you are wondering about this sweet dress, it was handmade by Dawn at Eleen Fashions.  She did and absolutely amazing job.  Visit her for some beautiful vintage reproductions!  The props were all purchased at Brimfield; my home away from home in warmer months.  The girls at Donnaland helped me find the shoes, earrings, purse and glasses.  And I can’t forget all the help from Jenn at Morning Glorious Vintage.  You girls rock!  I’ll be back soon; I’ve already started working on the next project.

So if you have a fabulous theme in mind and would like me to help you bring your vision to life, use the contact form above and we’ll chat!  The options are really limitless.

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