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Meet Miles Hanlin │ CT Headshot Photographer


I had the pleasure of taking headshots for this very handsome guy last month. Meet Miles Hanlin. Remember the name because you may be seeing it sooner than you know.   Miles is an actor and my inside sources say he is a very talented guy.   From what I have been told, he is not just talented as an actor, but he is also musically gifted.   On a more personal note, in the short time I spent with Miles, I found him to be extremely funny, witty, outgoing, humble, caring, authentic and did I mention funny? In fact, he had me cracking up the entire session. Lucky girl am I!

I have been arguing back and forth with my daughter over which actor he looks like. I say a little Matthew McConaughey’ish and my daughter says he looks like a mix between Robert Pattinson and Taylor Hanson. Then someone sided with me, so I am claiming victory in that argument.

I have uploaded just a few of the hundreds of shots I took of Miles last month.  A few I chose and a few Miles chose. Give a vote and tell me which is your favorite.


Which image is your favorite?

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