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A Snickerdoodle Kind of Day │ Manchester, CT Family Photographer

mom photographing girl making cookies

I have to wonder how long it’s actually been since I made a real blog post.   Time seems like a luxury I just can’t seem to grasp and my blogging habits have become pathetic to say the least.   My sabbatical of sorts has been spent redoing my office and taking care of the business end of things.  Not really things I enjoy, but nonetheless, very necessary.

I would love to say I’m finished with the remodel and get on with some kind of a normal routine, but not yet.  And I know why they say building a house is stressful.  Living in a house that is being worked on is downright hair pulling.  There has been problem after problem getting things completed, then add all that snow and tons of snow days.  My poor bedroom looks like thieves ransacked it because naturally it has become the temporary storage area.  And I hate to even think of the full week with the stomach flu that made the rounds.  But I am hopeful that things are looking up.  And today was one of those days.  The kind where you cast it all to the wind and make Snickerdoodles because what’s life without a little sugar to sweeten the not-so-sweet attitudes.

On a very good note, classes are shaping up wonderfully and I will be announcing the first date very shortly.  If you are still mystified with the new camera you received for Christmas, then this class is for you baby!  You’ll learn tons and you’ll have fun!  So don’t wait until I announce it.  Class size is limited to only five!  You heard me –  five!  So, put your name on the mailing list way down at the bottom of the page, so I know that you are interested and you’ll be the first to know.

Okay, enough blathering for me.  It’s time to do some crunches to work off those darn Snickerdoodles.

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