Another Snow Day…Just Maybe The Last – CT Children’s Photographer

I had to agree to let her chuck snowballs at me if I wanted to take her picture, but it was well worth it.  I haven’t seen her smile this much in quite awhile.   This child needs to be outdoors like peanut butter needs jelly.  Even when it’s cold outside, she will try and roll down the window to feel the cold air on her face.  “Isn’t it a beautiful day mommy?”  And I’m thinking, “Are you crazy child?  Roll up the window, I’m freezing.”

So as she rolled in the snow and picked chunks of ice out of the bird bath….yuck….I looked for signs of spring, as any sick-to-death-of-shoveling-this-blasted-snow person would do.  And I found it!  Land!  There were actually teeny tiny pieces of parsley coming up and little tops of green chives.  Praise Jesus.  And not a day too soon.

Despite the snow, I am so very thankful for real smiles, warm coffee and feet to tickle.   For little girls that belt out an octave you never knew existed, just to remind you they are there.  For belly laughs that appear during very inappropriate moments,  but just when you needed it the most.  For the teenagers hands that help wash the dishes, when your back has had enough.  Yes, I’d say it’s been a good day.

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