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For Heaven Sakes…Pick Up The Camera! The Trouble with Business Brain

Something strange has been happening with me lately.   Other than when I’m shooting for clients, I haven’t had my camera glued to my side.  I haven’t brought it on trips.  I haven’t been taking photos of random items, documenting our daily activities, or heard the screams from my children, “Please get that camera outta my face!”  In fact, outside of work, I haven’t really even thought about my camera.  Great, I can photograph everyone’s life, but my own!

So, it seems I have photographer’s block and it’s ugly.

I’ve been thinking this over for a month or more, trying to be more introspective and come to a conclusion about my sudden lack of creativity.   I’ve thought about it often, always trying to push myself to grab my camera and go, but nada.  Nothing.  No desire.

I chalked it up to the weather and my my office remodel, which has sucked the goodness right out of me.  Then as I sat talking to my tax guy,  he said something that really struck a nerve.  He said, “There’s no easier way to lose interest in your hobby than by making it your work.” Ah ha!  There it was.  I have developed business brain.  A right side left side issue.

I should know this.  Why?  It has happened before.  But it kinda just sneaks up on you, so it’s likely to go unnoticed while your busy occupying yourself with those pesky administrative tasks.  There’s always just one more thing to do, one more client to email, one more bill to pay, one more list to write, one more thing to organize, and in the end, if you’re not being balanced, it can suck the creativity right out of you.  Your mind becomes so full of “have to’s” that there’s little room left for “want to’s.”

So now that I have figured out the problem, I can go to work on fixing it.  I have given myself a few assignments to get started unblocking my right brain and you will no doubts be seeing the fruits of my labor over the next few weeks.  If not, for crying out loud….hold me accountable!

And while I’m growing fruit, I leave you with this awesome post… Creativity and the Business Brain (and Why Most of Us Should be Sacked).

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