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A Little Taste of Brimfield │ Hartford, CT Photographer

CT Photographer finds vintage goods at the Brimfield Antiques show


Last Thursday it was off to Brimfield to find some camera eye candy and what a beautiful day it was!  Perfect temps and blue skies with marshmallow clouds in every direction.   We didn’t have long to stay, in fact, it was way to short of  trip and I was mentally kicking myself for not freeing us up to stay longer.  Although, I’m pretty sure Sarah didn’t care if we left or not, she was only there for the fries.  Nonetheless, we enjoyed ourselves immensely and I can say, the break was much needed.

Each time we arrive at Brimfield, I have a plan.  There are certain tents I know will never disappoint.  We always park at the big white church, (except for this time, which was the first time ever that they were full!)  and then we walk directly to the first set of tents on the same side as the church.  Those are some of my favorites and the merchandising is always top notch.  There you will find Jen from Morning Glorious Vintage .  She always has some fabulous vintage clothing, as well as Donnaland, in the same tent.  These ladies have helped me a lot! Remember the size 5 peep toe shoes and the vintage jewelry and tiny handbag?  Yup, got em’ here!


CT photographer photographs treasures at the Antique Therapy booth at Brimfield Antiques Show, May 2011Since we were in a hurry to find a chair, I didn’t take the time to do much browsing, but I did make it over to Antique Therapy in Shelton’s field to visit Keri and snap some pictures of her beautiful wares.  Keri did not disappoint, with a feast for the eyes.  It makes you want to take home everything and set it up just the way she does, which I guess is the point of great merchandising.  A majority of the photos below were taken in Keri’s tent.  While you’re visiting Keri, you should walk a few feet to Nesting on Main, where there are tons more vintage goodies and the most gorgeous handmade jewelery out of vintage paper made by Beth Hylan Designs.


CT photographer captures the heart of Brimfield Antiques Show CT photographer photographs vintage treasures at Brimfield Antiques Show in Brimfield, MA CT Photographer captures the heart of Brimfield Antiques Show, May 2011 CT photographer photographs treasures at the Antique Therapy booth at Brimfield Antiques Show, May 2011Hartford, CT photographer captures unique finds at the May 2011 Brimfield Antiques ShowPhotographing the Booth at the Brimfield antiques show


Last, but definitely not least, we had a blast at The Red Herring looking at these creations made by Betsy.  Betsy doesn’t have a website because she lives in upstate NY, in the sticks, but let me tell you, this is one creative lady!  She visits Brimfield every year to find the pieces to make these treasures.  Can you guess what I took home?  Besty told me that her creations have made it as far as Ireland.  How cool is that!?

So that about wraps it up for Brimfield until July and if my pockets aren’t empty, you just might run into me there.  I’ll be the blonde girl with the camera.


Photographs of The Red Herring Antiques Booth

Gorgeous clouds over Brimfield Antiques Show in May 2011

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