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50mm Friday │ South Windsor, CT Family Photography



I really love family days.  The only problem is, there are way too few of them.  And when you can have a family day at a place as beautiful as Harkness Park, it just makes it all the better.

The light was really dreamy this day, kind of a weird hazy sun.   I kept looking at it, trying to figure out exactly what I was seeing.  It was really bright, but yet sort of diffused enough that it wasn’t beating down on us. I guess it was pretty much a perfect kind of day.  Complete with cupcakes.

The only part I don’t like is getting home with cards full of pictures and having to cull them.  Having to choose is just not my thing, but leaving them untouched I guess makes up for it.   I don’t really bother doing too much editing because the last thing I want to do is edit my own photos after spending so much time editing other peoples images.  So unless I’m going to print them or post them for something special, I usually leave them alone. Now if they would just print themselves and jump into a scrapbook.

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MON-FRI 10-5

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