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A Grumpy Girl Amongst the Imaginary Peas │ Tolland, CT Child Photography

Tolland, CT family photographer captures a girl leaning on a pea trellis


I’m glad this grumpy face doesn’t match how I feel tonight because it’s been a really great day.   Completion of a few jobs, a nice walk and really good conversation, chocolate, a fabulous session and then out to dinner with my girls…so what if my margarita had enough sour mix to clean every bit of oxidation off my copper pots. It’s perfectly fine with me if there’s a little bit of not so good in an otherwise fabulous day.   Yes, life is good and it would be really nice if this peaceful spell continues.  I’m seriously hoping it will.

So, I took this shot a few weeks ago of B leaning on my pea trellis.  Yeah, you know the one…it’s the same one that used to be covered in peas and now isn’t,  (okay, this isn’t my pea trellis, it’s my obelisk, but it’s in the general vicinity…does that count?)  Sigh….I wish, I wish, I wish I had the time to get back to the garden.  I miss my hands being in the dirt, and pretending to be all that with my axe.

Maybe I should forget about the garden and just get back to writing something…what do you think?   These old posts I wrote back in the day crack me up and I totally miss it.  Now if I could find the time to compose a thought….oh wait…nah.  Never mind, it’s gone.

Have you taken your 50mm shot this week?

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