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UConn’s Toya Ambrose Brand Headshots! │ CT Headshot Photographer

Headshots in Downtown Hartford for Toya AmbroseToya Ambrose personal brand images
Toya Ambrose poses for headshots in Downtown Hartford

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Toya Ambrose, Choreographer and Head Coach for UConn’s Dance, Cheerleading, and Mascot Teams.  Also a former NBA dancer, for both the Chicago Luvabulls and the Memphis Grizzlies, Toya is a super dynamic woman, with an incredible amount of energy that just spills out of her.  I was actually hoping a bit would rub off on me, but I digress.  She is just gorgeous and that skin!?  Simply flawless.  Okay yes, I was a little envious of the skin.

Toya wanted professional headshots and yay, she chose me to take them!   So, I went about designing a session that was a little edgy to compliment Toya’s personality.  Which I think we definitely accomplished. You see, Toya knows her brand. She knew exactly what she wanted to put out there in terms of personal brand photography. She also knew how to communicate this to me, so I could translate that to her images.

We had a great time and I had a hard time choosing my favorite images.  The two above are just a couple of so many.

Thanks so much, Toya!  It’s been a pleasure!



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