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Say What!? You’ve Never Been To The Coventry Farmer’s Market? │ Stamford, CT Family Photographer

Hartford, CT Photographer captures flowers at the Coventry Regional Farmer's Market


Simsbury, CT Photographer captures beautiful blooms at the farmer's market


NoRa Cupcake Truck & Little Sister's Grilled Cheese Truck at Coventry, CT Farmer's Market

Branford, CT portrait Photographer snaps photo of a pint of tomatoes
West Hartford, CT Family Photographer captures daughter in a scarecrow cutout at the Coventry Regional Farmer's Market


Snapping pictures of each other at the farmer's market


Photographer captures handmade goods and produce at the Coventry Farmer's Market

If you haven’t, then you better hop on your horse because the last one for the season is coming soon….boo hoo.

Truly, there are few places that I enjoy more than the farmer’s market every Sunday.   Not that I go every Sunday, but I would if I could.  Swear it.

Maybe it’s the peace of the ride in the country, or the entertainment and great food from local growers.  Vibrant colors of produce and baskets of flowers, or the people, the ones you know and the ones you don’t.  Or maybe, the smell of fresh cow manure we hit on the way.  Uh..NO.  It’s definitely not that, but it is a combination of these things. Truthfully, it makes family day so much more meaningful for lots of reasons.

Last Sunday, Rodney had to work, so Isabelle and I took a ride to pick up some things for dinner and eehemm…snack.  After we browsed around and picked out our produce, we bought some curried hummus and headed to our favorite food trucks.  Not to buy anything, just to torture ourselves reading the flavors on the side of the NoRa Cupcake Truck.

Yes, there it is….I also really like the farmer’s market because of the cupcake truck.  That’s just the icing on the cake, if you will…..pun definitely intended.

When we concluded the torture, we just happened upon some great light, so I snapped a couple of pictures of Isabelle, during the .05 seconds she stood still and then I had a fabulous idea.  I would give her all two gazillion dollars worth of camera and lens and let her take a few pictures.

Yup.  Cause I’m crazy like that.

And she did a fabulous job.   Above is one of the images of yours truly to prove it.  She’ll be working with me soon.

And then, taking pictures of mommy wasn’t so much fun anymore, so we moved over to the corn maze and started chatting with a nice woman, who was a little sarcastic and witty, in a Bethany Frankle-ish sort of way. Hmmm…now that I think about it, she even looked a bit like her, but I digress.

We talked about children and photography and then food because what else is there? And then about our food allergies and intolerance’s. Yup.  Me wheat and her dairy. And then about how we cheat and eat what we shouldn’t and there is distention and all things ugly. I’ll stop right here. Because sadly, I’ve probably scarred you and no further description is necessary.

Which is why I didn’t get the darn cupcake.

Anyway, I think you should get yourself in the car next Sunday and to the farmer’s market (windows up) before the season ends.  You won’t be disappointed.  I promise.

And should you want to get the dish, you should like my FB page right here.  At times there are special, specials for all you likers.

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