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The Stunning Erin Cooper – Stamford, CT Headshots for Actors

New headshots for actress Erin Cooper from 'How to Photoshop Everyone' by Kevin Kubota

CT headshot photographer, Hallie Westcott works with actress Erin Cooper's new headshots

Every single time I photograph headshots, I think they are my favorites.  And this time was no different.  And I swear, I couldn’t love this set of images any more.  Don’t Erin’s beautiful images just make you want to have your own headshots taken!?  Well?   What are you waiting for!?  Call me.  I’m ready for ya.

For all you photographers, Erin’s last project was ‘How to Photoshop Everyone’ by Kevin Kubota.  If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you view the trailer.  Good stuff!  You’ll get a laugh and learn something all at once.

As for Erin’s images…. I spend a good amount of time coaching people on what to wear and what NOT to wear.  Solid colors look best.  Complimentary colors are your friend.  Layers are fabulous and bright colors look great!  The camera doesn’t  like small repeated patterns, but it loves textures…..yada yada ya, but rarely does anyone take my advice right down to their lipstick.  So, props to you, Erin.  You look great.  The tonality and color of these images looks fabulous because you knew what you were doing.

And, Erin….I wish you the best success!  I’ll be waiting to see your television debut soon 😉



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