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Storm Charlotte – Digging Out ­│CT Children’s Photographer

Sitting in the snow after Storm Charlotte

Snow Cleanup 2013

CT Photographer captures the storm cleanup, after the blizzard dumps record snowfall in Manchester, CT

Hanging out after Storm Charlotte


32 whopping inches.  Yet this was no surprise after the last doosie of a snow storm that hit a couple years back.  I remember having to shovel a good part of the back yard, just so it wouldn’t melt and flood the house.

Funny, seems I was definitely a lot stronger then.

I guess I need to stay in shape for these events.  They sure seem to be more regular these days.  Though, since we have power, you won’t hear me complaining.  I’ll just sit here quietly, counting my blessings.

The best part is, B loved the snow.   The more, the better.  Though, the novelty wears off pretty quickly; it sure helps to pass the cold, dreary, winter days.

Kudos to my husband for digging us out of this mess.  You rock, Babe.  Seriously.  And no thanks are needed for posting this picture of you looking like a mental patient, with your large cup of “cuckoo”.  I promise next time you can post all the pictures you like of me looking like an idiot with food hanging out of my mouth.

Stay warm and happy shoveling.


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