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Meet Luke & Lucy │ CT Child Actor Headshots

Luke & Lucy CT Headshots for Child Actors

Meet Luke & Lucy.  Seriously.  Could their names be any cuter?

I love working as a photographer that specializes in CT children’s headshots because it gives me the chance to work with super fabulous kids like Luke and Lucy Fava. They were so full of personality.  My assistant, Sarah and I laughed and talked about them all the way home.  Why?  Well, Lucy reminded me so much of my Bella at certain times; the similarities were just too many not to notice.  Especially when I pulled out my best silly joke on her and she just looked at me, expressionless, just like Bella would.  This of course, just made me laugh even harder.  “I’m not funny am I?”  I said.  She just looked at me unenthusiastically and shook her head no.  More laughter.  Poor Sarah just stands by shaking her head at me like I’m crazy,  knowing full well, once I get going there’s no stopping that freight train from leaving the station.

But I digress.

Both Luke and Lucy came for their first set of headshots.  Equally talented, they have both had parts in my FAVORITE show.  Well, since you’re now curious, that would be Law & Order SVU.  So far, I have only had the pleasure of watching Luke’s episode, Manhattan Vigil, but I’m excited to see the episode that Lucy’s in next.  And I’m sure this won’t be the last time you see these kids, since word is, Luke just got a part in his first feature film.  Go Luke!

We wish them both the best success and can’t wait to work with them again!

Thanks Luke & Lucy!

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