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Headshots for A Beautiful Jazz Singer │ Wethersfield, CT Headshot Photographer

Headshot taken at Wethersfield Cove by Brand Photographer, Hallie Westcott

I know I’ve said many times how much I love taking headshots and I still do.  I work with the most interesting people, who teach me a lot about themselves, their industries and also about human vulnerability.

Most often, when meeting a new client there is a nervousness and caution about them.  They are hesitant to open up, to breathe and be themselves.  Usually, it takes a good twenty minutes or so before I start to see their shoulders relax and their faces soften.  When they finally do, that’s when the session really starts.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Jazz singer, Becca Ashley.  Immediately, she warmed up to the camera.  She seemed to be ready to shoot from moment one, and I commented on her ability to relax from the start.  For a self admitted shy girl, this was a surprise, but it does happen now and again.

Then sure enough, twenty minutes in, she softened even more.  The best images always come half way through right through the end.  It’s like clockwork.

I love my job.

Thanks, Becca.  I enjoyed working with you and wish you the best success!

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