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For Posterity’s Sake │ Fairfield, CT Family Photographer

It's time for your family portraits in CTCT portriat photographer, Hallie Westcott takes father and daughter portraits at Harkness Park_0126Portraits taken of CT senior, with her family at Harkness Park in Waterford CTWalking through the gardens during a family photo session at Harkness ParkThis family enjoys the wind during their photo session at Harkness Memorial Park in CTThe clouds rolled in druing this family session at Harkness Park in CT

She did it.  Keara, a CT high school senior planned her family’s portrait session.  She knew that someday she would want to look back and have memories of herself and her parents together.  She even planned their outfits and the location.  To be honest, I was a little awestruck that a teenager would go to such lengths to document family memories.  She inspired me greatly.

I find it sad that we have become so busy that we don’t have time to live. To sit. To think or ponder our inner state.  To look through photo albums and discuss memories and remember our pasts, our families, with smiles in our hearts.  To just be – for a minute. We are always running to the next thing, no matter how legitimate it might be. I am guilty too.

So guilty.

And then I think about how my children would feel if something should happen to me and they had few, if any, tangible memories of us together in picture form because you know, I am always behind the camera.

So I’m going to walk a new road and let someone else hold the camera for awhile.  And I’m going to print those digital pictures so I can hold them in my hand, or put them in a frame, or an album.  And I’m going to keep reminding you how important it is for you to take pictures of not just your kids, but YOU with your kids.

Because they would definitely want that.


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