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Is Your Headshot Helping or Hurting Your Brand? │ CT Headshot Photographer

Is your headshot hurting your brand?

Time for a little honesty; is your headshot helping or hurting your brand? Maybe you’re not sure or haven’t really put much thought into it. So, let’s dig a little deeper. Does your current headshot hairstyle look like you just walked off the set of The Breakfast Club? Do you think it represents who you are now? Does it clearly show your professionalism and qualifications to be the one they call? If your headshot is old and outdated; if it doesn’t represent who you are now or was taken with your boyfriend’s iPhone in the gym parking lot, it’s probably time to think about updating it. It may be that your current headshot is hurting your brand instead of helping it and I know you don’t want that. It’s super important to remember when you’re constructing your online presence, your headshot can make or break you.  Your headshot is one of the first things people look at, and it’s the first impression of you they will see.  And we all know how important that first impression is.

What does it say about you?  Are you confident?  Are you put together?  Do you care about the details?  Is your appearance neat?  Are you progressive in your business thinking? Friendly and approachable?  Or are you lagging behind the times? Look insecure?  Unorganized?  Outdated and careless about your appearance? Or worse, unapproachable and full of yourself?  All of this and more, good and bad,  can be translated to your potential client when they see your headshot.  They will make a decision if you are the one they will hire, so your image needs to convey all that you are and all that you’re not!  Your business depends on it.

If you’re ready to change that first impression, give me a call or an email and I’ll create a headshot for your brand that will help make you the success you were meant to be.

Rock on.

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