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CT Mini-Sessions Make Mother’s Day Memorable⎢CT Children’s Photographer

I know some of you may be thinking about the family photo session you’d like to schedule when you get around to it…but let me say, we only get one shot at photographing our love of spring and our families in it.  It’s here and it’s gone. It’s kind of a rip-off; I know.  The colors, oh, the colors.  Blooms abound, daffodils, flowering cherry trees….sigh.  Color everywhere and I can’t get enough, but the good news is, you don’t have to miss it.  You can look at those beautiful images on your walls all year long.  Mini-sessions are literally just around the corner.  On June 3rd, to be exact, with a couple of rain dates in our back pockets, just in case mother nature does us wrong.  The session fee is $99, with special mini-session pricing on prints.  So if you’re thinking about that session you haven’t had the time to plan, now’s the time!  Especially if you’re a mama that is rarely in any picture with your children. You know who you are.   Click here to pre-register and get your first choice of appointments as soon as the details are cemented in.

Oh and dad’s, look no further, here’s the Mother’s Day gift you’ve been looking for!

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