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Why Personal Brand Photography Is The Key to Building A Successful Brand

From small businesses to some of the world’s largest killer brands, the use of beautiful images is constant and critical to their success. These businesses recognize the power of great visuals and the emotional response they provoke. Along with authenticity and well-positioned words, they understand their client’s desires and target them by marketing an emotion or an idea.

So let’s talk about this.

What it would be like if you picked up your phone today to search for a service or a product and all the images vanished from the web, and you’re left with only text to make your buying decision?

It would totally suck.

I’m pretty sure I’d drop my phone right there and go to the store to make my purchase, and I’m pretty sure you would too.

The lesson – it’s crucial for any online business, service-based or product-based, to understand the role of Personal Brand Photography in online marketing.

It’s a vital piece of your marketing plan.



You’ve got to connect with your audience and great visuals are the best way to generate results. When your audience disengages, due to lack of visual stimuli or lackluster branding, they often start to look towards other options and ignore what’s being said.

Yup – they keep scrolling.

Your message can quickly become background noise that’s easily tuned out. However, well-crafted images that speak to your audience, drawing them to your brand in a real and effective way, can make all the difference. It can make them stop from clicking that back button and take notice, as Personal Brand Photography is able to draw people to your message in a way that words simply can’t.

Beautiful and emotive imagery that tells a story is a way to connect to a person’s heart and emotions as they piece together every message thrown into their path. A jumble of words on a screen just won’t suffice. They will skip over it and move onto the next thing.

This is why photos have such an important role to play in modern-day marketing. They’re a way to tap into the person’s mind, imagination, and deepest desires and get them to pay attention to the message.





Your mother was right. First impressions really do matter. Your audience is not satisfied with a cheap headshot and run-on paragraphs of text detailing your impressive knowledge in your chosen field. The internet was born in the early ’90s and while that may have cut it then, those days are just a memory.

The stats say your customers want to be impressed quickly – in about 6 very short seconds. That means you have a super small window to grab hold of them, shake ‘em up, and show them who you are and why they need you. The only way to do that is to create interest with images.

Yes, copy and graphics are really important too, but just think of this first impression with images as the hook.

Personal Brand Photography also gives your audience the first impression of value. It shows you’ve taken the time, and have the resources to pour into your brand, which all culminates in the first impression of success.

I promise you, they want to work with someone they perceive to be successful.

Do you appear friendly? Are you dressed well, with a sense of style that’s impressive? Do you look like someone they would want to hire? All of this and more is something they will determine when viewing your website, blog or social media platform, so using thought-provoking and engaging lifestyle images of yourself, your work environment, and you working with your clients will all add value to the impression you’re creating, getting people to look twice and react.


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Most niches are packed with competitors looking to one-up each other. This will always be a reality. However, what if there was a way to outdo the competition and gain a leg up for weeks, months, or years to come?

This is where understanding the importance of good brand imagery can help you strategize your marketing efforts.

Personal Brand Photography isn’t a fix all. It’s just one piece of your total brand image, but vivid, curated imagery along with engaging copy, sexy graphics, and a fabulous product, present a cohesive and stellar brand image that will draw the right eyes to you.

The images aren’t going to perform a miracle but they will show your creativity and your professionalism in action while helping to position you as an expert in your field.





Building a positive rapport with your target audience is critical and to do this really well, they must know, like and trust you. But let’s not forget, to establish the “know, like & trust factor” you must start by being visible, so your audience can get to know you.

That means stepping out to be seen; on your website, your social media channels, your email marketing, and even in person.

A little scary, I know.

But remember, you might be the best thing since sliced bread, but if they don’t know you exist, they aren’t going to hire you.

Working with a Personal Brand Photographer to craft your visual stories, and stepping in front of the camera to show exactly who you are, and the value you bring will draw your ideal clients to you as you use these images to market your brand.

When you’re working hard to be visible, and you’re making connections and showing up to the party, your personality, your vulnerability and your message will easily resonate, and they will see exactly who you are through these images.

And bonus – now they like you.

When you deliver a consistent and regular message that’s authentically you; treating your audience as friends, sharing the things about you that are human and relatable, and making sure your brand has continuity throughout – they will trust you.

And that’s a win!

Our brains process images faster than text and people prefer seeing over reading and that’s what images offer. The images become a way to educate, demonstrate, and build trust all in one powerful package.

Brand images can say a thousand words. They offer a way to encourage engagement, connect with your reader, and build a positive relationship. Using images is a way to spread the word without saying a word.

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