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Preparing for Your Newborn Session

To ensure the most successful session possible, I have attached a list of tips below:


• Please make sure you feed the baby an hour before the session, so baby will be good and full by the time we are ready to begin.

• If your session will be done at your home, please warm the house to 80 degrees before I arrive.  Babies are used to being inside the womb and need to be very warm, so they will stay nice and sleepy for our session.

• To ensure a calm environment, please ask all others (housekeeper, visiting relatives) to leave during our session.

• Please dress baby in just a loose diaper (to avoid red marks) and a cozy, swaddled blanket

• Parents and siblings should wear simple and comfortable solid colored clothing in a palette of your choice

• Lay out your favorite blankets, knit hats, fun booties, or any other special items you wish to include in your portraits ahead of time

• Allow 60 to 90 minutes of quiet-time (televisions and phones turned off, please) for your newborn session.


Since parents of newborns can be extremely exhausted and sleep deprived, we will work to make the session as easy as possible for you. We will likely be working alone with baby while also incorporating parents and any siblings in several shots, if requested.


If you have any questions or special requests, please give us a call at the studio!  We look forward to working with you!

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